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Frequently Asked Question

Products FAQs

  • The Contour ab belt is quick and easy to assemble. You can be ready for your first ab workout in about 2 minutes. Click here to watch the video.

  • It is reasonable to notice a variety of results in 2-3 weeks. After a few sessions with the Contour Ab Belt you may notice your posture improving as your core muscles become stronger. Other results will take more time. The more you use the Contour Ab Belt and the higher the intensity the faster you will be able to feel results. Choose the appropriate level of intensity that you can comfortably tolerate. As you get used to the unique feel of Contour EMS and your muscle become stronger you will want to increase the intensity of the Contour muscle stimulator. The higher intensity will allow a deeper, more complete contraction and get more muscle fibers activated which leads to more ab strength. Sensible eating habits and, if necessary, a reduced calorie diet will play a vital role in getting the visual results you desire. Over 50% of the body fat is right beneath the skin, as bad fat is decreased, the muscles will become more visible and all the strengthening and toning you achieved using the Contour Ab Belt will be more evident.

    On the web site we have an eating plan that is free for you to download.

  • The Contour muscle stimulator sends electrical impulses to the muscles via specially designed, medical grade electrodes (called Gel Pads) that adhere on the surface of the skin just above where the nerves attach to the muscles. These electronic impulses stimulate the nerves to excite the muscle fibers thus enabling muscle fibers to contract and relax just like when you voluntarily contract and relax your muscles. 

  • Patented Contour EMS can target specific muscles, muscle groups or individual muscle fibers and cause them to get stronger or recover from training faster. The Contour sends electronic impulses in frequencies between 1 and 120 pulses per second. Each frequency will affect muscles differently. Lower frequencies are for muscle recovery, relaxation and massage benefits. Higher frequencies are for building strength or firming and toning muscles. 

  • Whether you are exercising the traditional way like weight training or cycling, your brain is sending electrical signals to your muscles to perform work. Those signals go through the spinal cord and are delivered to the nerves that attach to the muscles. The muscles respond to those impulses. Contour EMS bypasses the brain and spinal cord and apply an electrical signal directly to the nerves, which then stimulates the muscles in a similar way. When you exercise, you are forced to think about every contraction in the exercise. Science has shown that it is impossible to deliver efficient electrical signals rep after rep. With Contour EMS, every rep is the same... every rep is perfect. There is NO psychological or cardiovascular fatigue. Your muscles respond perfectly with every soothing impulse. 

  • The intensity (power) of the electro-current determines the amount of muscle fibers stimulated. With a low intensity setting few muscle fibers are worked, as you increase the intensity the amount of muscle fibers worked also increases. Bottom line... the more muscle fibers worked the more effective your Contour workout sessions will be. That said, if you’ve never used the Contour muscle stimulator before, you should start with a few five-minute warm-up sessions using the Resistance program at Level 1, with an intensity level of 15- 20. Once you familiarize yourself with the sensation and technique of electronic muscle stimulation you can start your first workout session. An intensity level of 20-30 is a good range to begin your training with until your body adapts to this type of exercise, at this level you should notice very satisfying contractions. 

    Challenge Yourself!

    Remember, as you train, the intensity level (power) you can tolerate will increase, therefore your ability to increase the power of the contraction will go up as your get firmer and stronger muscles. Continue to challenge yourself by increasing the intensity levels to make your workout sessions as effective as possible. To reach a significant percentage of working fibers, you should strive for a minimum level of 30. This level should be achievable after a few sessions by progressively increasing the intensity during muscle contractions.

  • The highest level possible (but comfortable) in order to recruit the largest possible numbers of muscle fibers. The contractions must be powerful without ever becoming unbearable. Optimally you will want to be in the range of 40-50 to get the most effective workout.

  • These programs do not require the use of maximum current levels. However, the intensity must be high enough to produce vigorous muscular twitches, which are generally in the range of 30-40.

  • As with all exercise, some muscle soreness can be expected. This is called DOMS or delayed onset of muscle soreness. This usually occurs 24-48 hours after strenuous exercise. Muscle soreness is caused by the breakdown of muscle fibers. During recovery, muscles will rebuild and develop more resistance to exercise and become conditioned to better tolerate exercise. If too much muscle soreness occurs, use a low intensity level until your body becomes used to EMS. Then, gradually increase intensity. 

  • If you notice that you can turn up the intensity higher before getting a good contraction this usually indicates that the Gel Pad electrodes are losing their conductivity or effectiveness. Typically, Gel Pads are changed every 20 - 30 days assuming daily use of the product. 

  • Make sure you remove the protective cover entirely before mounting the Gel Pad on the Contour Ab Belt. Make sure that you are placing the silver side of Gel Pad electrodes to the BACK SIDE of the Ab Belt. There will be marks showing where to place the Gel Pad electrodes. Once applied leave mounted until the time they need to be replaced. 

  • There are two ways to maximize comfort with the Contour. One way is to adjust the intensity of the device down to a desired level of comfort. While higher intensities are typically more effective, the body takes time to acclimate to a specific power level. The second way to improve comfort is to make sure the Gel Pad electrodes are located in the right position. Since your muscle nerves are located just beneath the skin, having the Gel Pads more directly over the nerves (motor neurons) will allow for more muscle activity at lower intensities. If the Gel Pad is too far away from the nerve (motor neuron), then intensity must be increased and discomfort can occur. 

  • Muscles have different levels of excitability. It is possible that the level of intensity on the device is strong enough to excite or stimulate some muscles, but too weak to effectively excite other muscles. If that doesn’t work move the ab belt down slightly. The ab belt should be centered horizontally on your stomach and centered vertically between your lowest rib and your hip-bone.

  • Any adult with healthy muscles can benefit from using the Contour EMS. Athletes can achieve increased training results and the best that can be achieved by combing several different methods of muscle exercise. Include EMS with other training programs and you can attain maximum strength gains and fitness goals. With electronic muscle stimulation all motor units in the muscles, even those normally not recruited in exercise, can be simultaneously activated. 

  • It is recommended that you work your muscles at least 5 days a week. You may do so more frequently but it is advised that you allow five to six hours of rest in between workouts. 

  • The Contour emits an electrical frequency that will stimulate nerves (motor neurons) that are located beneath the Gel Pads. Since the Gel Pads are larger, it is possible to have some minor stimulation of other nerves located near the site of the Gel Pads. Readjust the Gel Pads slightly away from the area being unintentionally stimulated and the condition should improve. 

  • Yes. The Potentiation program is design to send very low-level impulses into your muscles just like when you warm up. For example, when you see a sprinter practicing sprints, they are trying to “activate” muscle fibers to “get ready” for the race. Contour EMS can do this for you. 

  • Yes, the Active Recovery Program does three things. First, it increases blood flow through muscles. This helps to remove lactic acid from your muscles. Lactic acid is a lot of the discomfort you feel after exercise. Second, it increases Beta-Endorphins... the happy chemical in our body that gives us a feeling of elation or joy. Third, the Contour reduces muscle spasms by communicating directly with the muscles via low-level electrical impulses. The result is you will feel incredibly different than if you let your body recover on its own. The Contour simply helps the body do what it normally does... but more efficiently. 

  • Yes. The Contour muscle stimulator can also do something studies have shown can’t be done very easily by the brain. It can actually recruit more muscle fibers to activate. That means a better muscle contractions and a better workout. Contour actually teaches the body to use more of the muscle fibers under a workload, thus making workouts more enjoyable. Would you rather lift a weight or perform an abdominal crunch with 50% of your muscle fibers or 100% of your muscle fibers? It certainly gives working out a whole new meaning. Just think of all those years of inactivity from those muscles that never get activated. Can you remember the saying... “use it or lose it?” Well, Contour is designed to help you use it... use it ALL! 

  • No, Contour has one size that fits nearly all people. 

  • Yes. The best thing of all is that Contour EMS supplements exercise and training. It doesn’t replace exercise or training because you still need to practice a skill if you’re involved in athletics or learn coordination within an activity. What Contour EMS does is help you become more efficient and target specific muscles to achieve something that may be elusive because of physical limitations or lack of time. 

Medical FAQs

  • Yes. The FDA has cleared the Contour EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) device for sale as a Class II medical device and is safe and effective for the intended purpose of stimulating healthy muscles in order to improve muscle performance by strengthening and toning muscles. The long-tem effects of EMS are not known, however, this type of technology has been is use by physical therapists, medical professionals and athletes, all over the world for over 40 years.
  • Please check with your doctor before using the Contour if you have an electronic implant, cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator or suffer from any other heart problem. Do not use the Contour Ab Belt if you are pregnant. Check with you doctor if you suffer from cancer, epilepsy or are under medical supervision for cognitive dysfunction. Check with your doctor if you plan to use Contour EMS on any areas in which drugs or medicines are administered by injection (short term or long term). Check with your doctor if you have a hernia (abdominal or inguinal). 

  • The Contour muscle stimulator is not intended to treat or rehabilitate muscles. There are other devices with specific electronic frequencies designed to specifically treat damaged muscles. The Contour is great for post-injury or stimulating weak, but healthy muscles. If is more efficient to work post-injury muscles or weak muscles with the Contour because the muscles can be specifically targeted, which is difficult with most traditional forms of exercise. 

  • The Contour muscle stimulator is intended for use on healthy muscles. It is to be used by adults only. Keep out of reach of children. Never use the Contour on painful muscles, atrophied muscles, muscles with spasms or any muscle associated with a painful or afflicted joint. Do not apply the Contour to the neck or mouth or chest; swollen, infected or inflamed areas of skin eruptions. Please see your doctor about using the Contour if you’ve recently suffered from an acute trauma or fracture or following recent surgery. 

  • Remember to always check with your physician before beginning an exercise program after giving birth. It is typically recommended to wait at least 6 weeks after giving birth and 3 months after a caesarean before using the Contour Ab Belt.

  • Some degree of redness may be caused by an increase in blood flow to the area. This is a result of the excitation of muscles by the device. Muscle activity can cause in increase in blood flow to the exercised area. This should go away within 2-3 hours after completing your session. 

  • We use medical-grade Gel Pads that are made of Hydro Gel and do not contain latex. This water-based gel prevents allergic reactions. In some cases, there may be a skin reaction if the form of a minor irritation caused by the adhesive in the conductive gel. This is rare, but in the event this is the cause, wait for the rash to clear up before using the Contour Ab Belt. Follow the “Prepare your skin for a Muscle Toning Session” instructions below.

    How to Reduce the Chances of Skin Irritation 

    Preparing your Skin for a Muscle Toning Session

    Cleaning the skin before electrode application is the best way to prevent and avoid skin irritation. Wash the skin with soap and water. Next, dry the skin with towel by simply patting the area dry. Do not use lotions, alcohol, oils or creams on the site of electrode application as this can cause electrode malfunction. In case the client is hairy, it is advisable to trim the area and not shave it. In cases where irritation occurs during the treatment, it is best to discontinue it and wait for the site to heal before continuing your muscle toning.

    After you have removed the ab belt be sure to cover the electrodes with the plastic covers. Cleaning the skin after your muscle toning session is also a great way to prevent and avoid skin irritation.


    Sometimes, skin reactions may occur after long-term use of the same set of electrodes. Do not use the electrodes longer than recommended in the user manual. Under normal condition gel pad electrodes will last about 25-30 days once the package has been opened.

    •  Gel Adhesive Over-Saturation

      Over-saturation of the adhesive gel is caused by the retention or the absorption of moisture. This can be through perspiration, humid environment or excessive water application in order to rehydrate the gel surface. 
Over-saturation of the gel can shorten the working life of the electrode and decrease its capability to stick to the skin. If the gel pads do become over-saturated allow them dry in a cool place (such as the refrigerator) for at least 24 hours.

    • Rehydrate the Gel Surface Effectively

      Assessing the adhesive capability of the electrodes is a crucial step before applying it to your skin. To do this, simply touch the gel with the fingertip. If the gel does not adhere to the skin, it means that it needs rehydration. To rehydrate the gel, run a fingertip in running water and simply rub the moist finger over the gel. Repeat this step until all surfaces are moist. After doing this, the electrodes are now ready for use. Again, do not use the electrodes longer than recommended in the user manual.

Customer Order FAQs

  • Yes. We have applied different technologies and procedures to make sure that our online transactions are safe and secure, so you can shop from us with confidence. You can be assured that your credit card and personal information cannot be seen by anyone that is not authorized. 

  • By law, applicable sales tax is required on orders shipped to Minnesota.

  • No, The Contour Core Sculpting System is available in the Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

  • We only accept credit cards with a United States billing address.
  • Contact customer service for information.

  • You will receive your order in 8-10 businss days via USPS. 

  • In most cases, your order cannot be canceled after if it has been entered in our system and processed for shipment. We can only cancel orders that have not been processed for shipment. If you call customer service on the same day that your order was placed, or the day after you place your order, we may be able to cancel your order. Priority Processed orders cannot be cancelled as they are rushed into our warehouse system.

    If we are unable to cancel your order, we apologize for any inconvenience but assure you that our fast processing is done to assure the fastest delivery possible to our customers. Thank you for your understanding. Do NOT refuse delivery of your package. After you receive your package, please call customer service for return instructions. 

  • Contour offers several items on an auto-shipment or membership basis including Gel Pad electrodes, nutraceutical or supplement auto-shipments.

    Customers may cancel by calling 888-248-6072 Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM Monday-Friday (CST)

    However, if a cancellation occurs after a shipment has generated and is in route to the customer, that shipment cannot be canceled. Only future shipments may be canceled. Example: if you see a charge post to your online banking statement on 09/05/06 and you call to cancel on 09/05/06 - the shipment associated with the 09/05/06 charge has already shipped and cannot be stopped.

  • 30-Day Return and Refund Policy:

    The 30-day period starts the day you receive your product. If you are not completely satisfied with your Contour Core Sculpting System after using if for 30 days, you must contact Customer Care at 1-884-248-6072 within 5 days of the end of your trial period and request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA#) number. See instructions below.

    30 Trial Offer Purchase:

    Your trial fee of $49.95 and the P/H fee are not refundable. This was your fee to try it in your home. The trial period begins the day you receive the Contour Core Sculpting System. If you are on a payment plan, your credit card will be charged on the 30th day after you trial period begins and every 30 days until the product is paid for. Teksmart Fitness, LLC is not responsible for overdraft charges.

    Returns must be received in our warehouse within 15 days of the issuance of the RMA# to receive a refund of any payments made toward the full purchase price, less your trial fee, applicable taxes and additional processing and handling charges.

    Gel Pads must be returned unopened in order to receive a refund.

    Due to the nature of the Fat Burner and Body Reshaping Cream products, we do not accept returns unless the item was damaged during shipping, in which case, we will replace the damaged item(s).

    All refunds must meet the "Condition of Returns". The Contour EMS device is an electronic medical device. Electronic devices, especially those of a medical nature, should be handled with care and in accordance with the owner’s manual.

    1-Payment Purchase:

    Refunds for 1-Pay returns will cover product amount and any sales taxes charged. Shipping, Handling, and Insurance are non-refundable. A restocking fee of $9.95 will apply to all 1-pay returns. All refunds must meet the "Condition of Returns".

    Conditions of the return are as follows:

    Returned merchandise must include all original components, literature, and packaging in the same saleable condition in which it was received. Returns not meeting these requirements may be subject to a restocking fee equaling 15% of the price paid for the merchandise (not including taxes). Damaged merchandise, cosmetically or otherwise, is subject to refurbishment fee and service fee on a case-by-case basis which will be deducted from your refund. In cases of missing parts or accessories, your refund will be deducted to reflect accessory prices.

    If an order has shipped, it is the purchaser's responsibility to accept the shipment and return the order per our return policy. Orders that are refused at the designated shipping address may incur a 15% restocking fee. If the products are returned in unacceptable shape, you may have the option of receiving the goods back in the same condition at your cost.

    If you return the product after 30 days without and RMA the package wiil be reused and returned to you. If you are on a payment plan we will continue to charge your account until it is paid in full.

    Product Return Steps

    1. First, contact Customer Service at 844-248-6072 to obtain a return merchandise authorization number (RMA#), and for information on where to ship your return.

    2.  The Contour System must be returned in new or like-new condition, in the original package with all the materials included. Any accessories such as Gel Pads, conductive gel or Fat Burner pills must be returned unopened to receive a refund. Do not return batteries or used gel pads.

    3. Package it! Place all of the original packaging together including: Product (must have the original manufacturer box or carton); All original packing materials; controller, lead-wires, ab belt, any unopened packs of gel pads, manuals and zipper pouch. In order to speed up the processing of your return, include a copy of the Packing List in your package.

    4. Write the RMA# on the outside of the box and on the original processing documents. Packages that are returned without an RMA will incure a 15% restocking fee.

    5. Ship it! Freight charges are your responsibility. Ship your package with a carrier (i.e. UPS, U.S. Post Office, FedEX) that can provide you with insurance, tracking and delivery confirmation. Teksmart Fitness cannot provide credit for any packages lost during return shipment if proof of delivery is not available. DO NOT SEND THE PRODUCT C.O.D. IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

    Please return to:

    Teksmart Fitness

    6180 Olson Memorial Hwy

    Golden Valley, MN 55422

    You MUST have an RMA# to return your product and this number MUST be written on the outside of your package. Returns must be received in our warehouse within 15 days of the issuance of the RMA# to receive a refund of any payments made toward the full purchase price, less your trial fee, applicable taxes and additional processing and handling charges.

    If a return is received between 16-30 days after RMA# issue date, refunds will be provided as specified above, but you will be charged a 15% restocking fee.

    Refunds are not issued at the time the return merchandise authorization number is issued. Refunds are issued only after the product has been received and inspected. You should receive your refund within 4-10 weeks after we receive your return. In many cases, you will receive your refund sooner.  


    Incorrect Shipments

    We truly apologize for any mix up that may have occurred with the shipment of your order. Although these instances are rare, they do happen. It is the customer's responsibility to inspect their order prior to using and report any discrepancies to us within 3 business days.

    Missing Items

    We truly apologize for any mix up that may have occurred with the shipment of your order. Although these instances are rare, they do happen. It is the customer's responsibility to inspect their order and report any discrepancies to us within 3 business days or receipt.

    Unnecessary disputes of credit card payments will automatically void this 30-day money back guarantee. Disputing a charge is not an acceptable method to collect your return. If you have issues with your product or purchase please contact us to see if we can come to an agreement before taking any other action.

    One Year Limited Warranty Return Policy

    If you think an item is defective, call our Customer Service toll-free at 1-888-248-6072 or Email customercare@teksmartfitness.com and ask to speak to one of our technical advisors. They can help you troubleshoot any difficulties you may be having with your Contour Core Sculpting System.


    Certain Product failures not covered.

    This Limited Warranty covers defects in manufacturing that arise from the correct use of the Product according to the product manual and instructions. It does not cover damage caused by abuse, misuse, accidents, modification or repair by any person other than Teksmart, moisture, extreme heat or cold, corrosive environments, high voltage surges from external sources or an unsuitable power supply. This Limited Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on consumable items (e.g. pads, garments, etc.). This Limited Warranty does not apply to any battery provided with the Product, or if the Product has an altered or defaced serial number.

    To obtain service under this Limited Warranty, please refer to our website for return instructions. Proof of purchase is required. Teksmart will not be responsible for the cost of returning the Product or for any damage to or loss of the Product while it is in transit to us. We recommend that you use a carrier that will track your shipment and insure the Product’s safe delivery. Teksmart cannot accept any returns sent C.O.D.


     Limitation of Remedies


    Teksmart will bear no other expenses. Teksmart reserves the right to refuse to repair or replace the Product if it is returned in an unsanitary condition. This Limited Warranty applies only to the Product as used in the United States. It is not applicable in other countries. Teksmart reserves the right to substitute a product of equal or better quality if an identical product is not available at the time of replacement. This Limited Warranty is non- transferable. Some states do not allow limitations on the duration of implied warranties, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, and so the related limitations and exclusions stated above may not apply to you. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC  LEGAL RIGHTS AND YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS, WHICH VARY FROM STATE TO STATE.

  • We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating our website, conducting our business, or servicing you, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential. We may also release your information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our site policies, or protect ours or others rights, property, or safety. However, non-personally identifiable visitor information may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising, or other uses.

  • If you have a question about your order, billing, product assembly questions or returns email customercare@teksmartfitness.com or call: 888-248-6072 Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM Monday-Friday (CST) .

Fat Burner FAQs

  • The clinical studies used a dose of 100 mg per serving for weight loss. Many companies offer less potent 25 mg capsules, they might seem cheaper but you'll need 4 capsules to get the beneficial dose. The Fat Burner contains the full therapeutic 100 mg in 1 capsule.

  • The active ingredient in the Fat Burner is 3-Acetyl-7-Oxo-Dehydroepiandrosterone (7-Keto), a metabolite associated with the naturally occurring adrenal hormone DHEA. With the Fat Burner, you get many of the benefits of DHEA without the potentially dangerous side effects. The Fat Burner works naturally with your body to enhance the activity of three key fat burning (thermogenic) enzymes. This provides a higher metabolic rate during periods of calorie restriction and diet modification.

    Each capsule contains

    • 7-Keto® (3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone)...............100 mg**
    • Proprietary Blend of Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis)...............250 mg**
    • Extract (leaf) [std. to 50% polyphenols by UV (125 mg),
    • Cathechin 30% by HPLC (75 mg), 15% EGCG by HPLC (37.5 mg)]

    Contains no sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, egg or preservatives.

    Vegetarian formula.

    ** Daily Value not established

    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

    This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    In an 8-week clinical study, test subjects on a diet of 1800 calories per day with three one-hour workouts per week lost an average of 200% more weight than those who took a placebo and followed the same diet and exercise regimen.

    A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study of 3-Acetyl-7-Oxo-Dehydroepiandrosterone in Health Over Weight Adults. Curr Ther Res 2000;61(7):435-442.

    The Effect of 7-Keto™ Naturalean ™ on Weight Loss: A Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Trial. Curr Ther Res 2002;63(4):263-272.

    A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Thermogenic and Body Composition Effects of 3-Acetyl-7-Oxo-Dehydroepiandrosterone (7-Keto™) Clinical Study Final Report, Humanetics Archives.

  • 7-Keto is a natural metabolite that is produced in the body from DHEA.  Research scientists at the University of Wisconsin isolated the 7-oxo metabolite of DHEA and developed a method to produce it.  Like DHEA, the levels of 7-Keto decline with age. 7-Keto is chemically distinct from DHEA and they are two completely different chemical entities. After 7-Keto is derived from DHEA, it cannot convert back to DHEA in the body.  The chief difference between 7-Keto and DHEA is that 7-Keto cannot convert to other steroid hormones in the body.

  • Yes you can. We recommend the Fat Burner for 4 reasons;

    1. The Fat Burner is made with the highest standards,
    2. The Fat Burner has the clinical dosage of 7-keto at 200mg. per dose,
    3. The Fat Burner is a custom blend of 7-keto and a proprietary blend of Green Tea,
    4. The Fat Burner ingredients and the capsule are made from plant sources and are suitable for both vegetarians.
  • No, 7-Keto is not a hormone. Hormones are chemical substances produced by the body that have a specific regulatory effect on the activity of a certain organ; usually through the interaction of the hormone with a specific receptor.  Our research reveals that 7-Keto has no known receptor in the human body and no specific regulatory function. 
  • As we age our natural production of this metabolite declines.  This decline is most dramatic after the age of 30. By age 40, we produce only half as much 7-Keto as we did at age 20. This decline continues throughout the rest of our lives.

  • 7-Keto is made from plant sources. It is manufactured to a very high level of purity to look exactly like the 7-Keto your body produces.
  • We call 7-Keto “the most natural” of natural products. This is because it is naturally found in everyone’s body. By taking 7-Keto, you are simply putting back something that declines as we age.
  • 7-Keto was initially discovered in the human body in the 1950’s, however, its usefulness in weight loss was not discovered until the 1990’s by researchers at the University of Wisconsin.

  • Researchers have studied 7-Keto for other benefits including helping improve the immune system and improving memory.

  • 7-Keto has only been tested in adults and probably only has a beneficial effect as a supplement in individuals older than age 25, when the natural decline in 7-Keto begins to occur.

  • Yes, both can be safely taken together but the combination is unnecessary unless hormonal effects of DHEA are desired.  Any individual taking DHEA should consult with their physician.

  • In three clinical trials, 7-Keto has never shown any adverse effects on blood pressure.  In one trial, blood pressure actually had a slight decline. There is a small amout of caffeine 20.4 mg/capsule which may raise the blood pressure in people sensitive to caffine.

  • No
  • Yes.  There are two clinical trials using 7-Keto for weight loss at a dose of 200 mg per day.  Both of these studies have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  Each of these studies were double blind and placebo controlled and performed in population of overweight men and women over a period of 8 weeks.  The results of each study confirm that administration of 7-Keto at a dose of 100 mg twice daily when combined with a program of diet and exercise will result in a three-fold increase in weight loss and fat loss compared to placebo.  There have been three other placebo-controlled studies investigating the effectiveness of 7-Keto in weight management.  Two of these studies evaluated 7-Keto in a formulation that included other active ingredients.  The third study confirmed the ability of 7-Keto in increase metabolism - even when dieting.

  • No, it is made from plant sources.  It is manufactured to a very high level of purity to look exactly like the 7-Keto your body produces.  It would be suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

  • The Fat Burner works naturally with your body to enhance the activity of three key fat burning (thermogenic) enzymes. The up-regulation of these key enzymes provides a higher metabolic rate during periods of calorie restriction and diet modification. The active ingredient, 7-Keto, works with a program of diet and exercise to accelerate weight and fat loss by 200% over the same period of time compared to comparable dieting and exercise while taking a placebo pill.

  • The active ingredient, 7-Keto, will not interact adversely with other diet supplements or weight loss aids.  7-Keto will also not interact with common medications for blood pressure control or blood lipid control.  7-Keto has no interaction with Synthroid or other thyroid medications.  Since 7-Keto is very structurally similar to DHEA, it may have the ability to inhibit platelet aggregation (similar to Aspirin) and caution should be used if you are taking blood thinners like Coumadin™.  There is a small amout of caffeine 20.4 mg/capsule which may interact with some medications. You should consult your physician before taking and dietary supplement and before starting any new weight loss programs.

  • The active ingredient, 7-Keto, should be used in conjunction with a program of diet and exercise since this is the healthiest way to lose weight.  Our clinical studies have been designed to include the Fat Burner into a healthy program of diet and exercise and the average weight loss in these studies was 6 pounds in 8 weeks and 80% of the weight lost by these individuals was body fat.  Some of the subjects in these clinical trials lost as much as 22 pounds in 8 weeks.  Weight loss in the range of 1-2 pounds per week is considered healthy and studies have shown that weight loss greater than this average typically ends in diet failure and regain of weight.

  • No.  The active ingredient, 7-Keto, is not an anabolic or an androgenic steroid.  Unlike DHEA, it does not convert to testosterone or other anabolic steroids in the body.  
  • No. The active ingredient is a very purified single molecular compound that itself has no cardiac or central nervous system stimulating characteristics.  There is not ephedra or ephedrine in the Fat Burner.  There is a small amout of caffeine 20.4 mg/capsule.

  • No. The active ingredient (7-Keto) is chemically distinct from testosterone, estrogen and DHEA and will not affect the blood levels of these steroids hormones.  Also, our research has confirmed that 7-Keto does not convert to testosterone, estrogen or DHEA in the body.

  • The Fat Burneris best taken in divided doses two times daily. We usually suggest that the doses be spaced about 8 hours apart and may be taken with or without a meal.

  • No.  One clinical study for weight loss showed a slight elevation in T3 (within the normal range) in the subjects taking 7-Keto.  Subsequent clinical studies have shown no effect on T3 compared to placebo or compared to baseline values in the subjects taking 7-Keto.  Therefore, there is no convincing positive or negative effect on T3 in individuals taking 7-Keto at 200 mg per day.  
  • The active ingredients in the Fat Burner act by a completely different mechanism.  7-Keto is a thermogenic supplement, which means it helps your body convert stored fat to heat energy at a faster rate than if you were just cutting calories.  When the Fat Burner is part of your dieting plan, severe calorie restriction is not required but rather eating a well balanced healthy diet.  In our clinical studies, the subjects were eating 1800 calories per day and exercising for one hour three times weekly and they lost three times more weight and body fat than the group taking only a placebo pill.
  • Most people gain weight because they are eating the wrong kind of food or are eating too much food.  If you are like most Americans, you will have to make some minor changes in your diet to allow your body to shift into “fat burning” mode.  Calorie restriction is one of the key elements in any weight loss program but this calorie restriction does not have to be painful. 

  • Exercise is an important part of any weight loss plan for several reasons; (1) it allows your body to burn more calories, (2) it helps maintain and increase the amount of lean muscle that you have, ultimately increasing your metabolic rate, (3) it helps to tone your muscles so that you look better at your new lower weight, (4) it helps your cardiovascular system circulate more blood and vital nutrients to your muscles and other organs which aids in the fat burning process, and (5) it helps you feel better about your body and yourself and motivates you to continue with your weight loss efforts.  The amount of exercise you do is up to you, but the secret is to “get moving”.  Even walking three times weekly greatly aids your chances of success.
  • Losing and maintaining your weight is not as easy as taking a pill.  There are no magic bullets.  The Fat Burner helps accelerate your weight loss so that you can achieve your goal weight faster and healthier.  The key to maintaining your new lower weight lies in your ability to put the principles of healthy eating and exercise into your daily life.  Eating a healthy diet keeps your body in balance and exercising regularly helps to build new metabolically active muscle, which helps you to maintain your new lower weight long-term.