Gel Pad Electrodes

  1. Premium Gel Pad Electrodes
    Our Gel Pad electrodes contain the very best gel in terms of conductivity and longevity. The Hydro-gel is non-irritating to the skin. providing your added comfort, reusability and performance you desire. With proper care, you can expect to get up to 20-30 sessions with one set of pads.

    • Large surface area to stimulate more muscle area
    • Excellent Dispersion (over whole surface of electrode)
    • Latex Safe
    • Highly Conductive
    • FDA Registered
    • Garment Gel Pads are compatible with the original Contour and back accessories as well as the Contour II Back and Ab Belt
  2. Sport and Spa Gel Pads

    Sport and Spa Gel Pads

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price $14.95

    Take full advantage of your Contour® muscle stimulator by adding a Sport and Spa electrodes and a pair of long lead wires to your system.
    Connect the lead-wires to the Sport and Spa electrodes, place them on the specific muscle group and plug the wires into your Contour muscle stimulator. 

    • Strengthen and tone multiple muscle groups 
    • Warm-up or recover sore muscles.