1. You're an early adopter of technology and you have the first generation of the Contour Muscle Stimulator. Now the buttons are slightly worn but the device still gives your abs a great workout. Get a replacement lead-wire module

  2. Your dog chewed up your lead-wires and now your abs are getting soft. Hurry, there is still time to save them. Order your replacement lead-wires today.

    Replacement 20" Lead-wires for the second generation of the of the Contour M2 Muscle Stimulator

    Look on the serial number on the back of the muscle stimulator. If it says "CM2EDU" then these are the wires for you.

  3. Long Lead Wires - Second Generation M2 Controller

    Long Lead Wires - Second Generation M2 Controller

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price $14.95

    Take full advantage of your Contour® muscle stimulator by adding a pair of long lead wires to your system. With these wires you'll be able to strengthen, tone warm-up and recover sore muscles. Insert the lead wires into the muscle stimulator, connect the Contour Sport and Spa electrodes and place then in the proper position on your legs, arms or shoulders and select a program.

  4. Lead-Wire Splitters

    Lead-Wire Splitters


    Use the Contour lead-wire splitters to turn your two-channel muscle stimulator into a four-channel muscle stimulator. This allows you to work or recover two groups of muscles at the same time.